Coney Island, Brooklyn - August, 2014

Coney Island, Brooklyn - August, 2014


Born in Bucharest, Romania, Mina spent her childhood in theatre, amongst preparing actors, dusty props and costumes, and most summers by the Black sea, capturing the world with her plastic panoramic camera.

Fascinated by movies and cinematography, she frames the world in overexposed imagery that reflects the luminosity of her vision.


Mina TESLARU interviews

Viva Bang Bang

One Sydney Road.


About the Coney Island Project

"Browsing through my repository of images, I started to be attracted by a subconscious theme running through the work that was induced by childhood memories of the Black Sea: an archive of nostalgic moments mapping my own displacement in the New World.

Roaming between panoramas and close ups, all the new, the lens of time over exposes the old glam in subconscious dreamscapes."


My photographs have been written about in various publications & blogs, noteworthy mentions include: Inc. Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Canadian House & Home, Homes & Gardens - British Edition, Apartment Therapy, Decor8, MocoLoco, Design Work Life, Elements of Style, Design for Mankind, Elements of Style, Iconology, My Modern Metropolis, Latina Magazine, Aesthetica Art Magazine, HGTV Magazine, Rue Magazine.

Group Shows
Greenpoint Gallery - Brooklyn, NY - April 2010
Norfolks NYC Gallery - New York, NY - May 2010
Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - November 2010
Skunk Funk - San Francisco, CA - March 2012
Javits Ctr. Contemporary Art Show - New York, NY - Oct. 2012
OOAK Art Show - Chicago, IL - December, 2012
Art Factory - Patterson, NJ - May 2013
Atlantic Gallery - New York, NY - December 2013

Solo Shows
Le Bon Marche - Paris, France - August 2015

Urban Outfitters - Home Decor Summer Collection, 2011
Trader Joe's - Greeting Cards, 2013
HGTV Magazine - April 2015

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